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What We Do – U R Virtually There

What We Do

#1 – We save you time and money while driving more customers to what you are selling. This is done with professional 2 dimensional pictures, 360 degree panoramas, and 360 spherical images. What’s more impressive is we scan interior spaces producing 3 dimensional immersive walkthrough tours that are VR goggle ready. This technology helps you sell or lease Real Estate faster, document construction projects, and bring in more customers to any business. Our solutions save you time and money by giving online access to potential customers anytime day or night. U R Virtually There is a Matterport Service Partner, a Real Tour Vision Virtual Tour Provider, and an Affiliate with LBAR (Lexington-Bluegrass Association of Realtors). We use the best hardware and software from these two leading companies to provide the services you need to bring in more customers and save you time. For more information or to contact us please fill out our Contact Form.

To learn more about what we can do for you check out the following video (be sure to have your sound turned on).

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Highlights from our offerings
Immersive 3 Dimensional Walk Through It doesn’t get any better than this. This is a self guided tour through a space (space is the same as a home, business, restaurant, hotel, etc.). Each user can take whatever turns they want and experience the space in their own way, at their own pace. No other medium, except physically walking through the space, will engage and connect the user to your space.
Tags Tags are a small bulls-eye in the Immersive 3 Dimensional Walk Through that highlight something special in the space. Tags can contain text, images, 360 degree images, links to web pages, video, and sound. Whatever you need to inform and engage the user of your special ‘something’. Users only need to hover over a bulls-eye to see what additional information it has to offer.
Dollhouse View Nothing will involve a customer like the Dollhouse view. The Dollhouse view takes a standard two dimensional floorplan and allows you to view it 3 dimensionally at any angle. This view gives customers an understanding of the dimensions of each room and their relative location within the space. This is how you engage your customers and create an emotional link to the home (restaurant, hotel room, condo, etc.).
24 / 7 Open House Any internet connected device is your customer’s window to your property. This access saves you time and money by reducing on-site visits (real estate) and driving more people to your business (restaurant, hotel, construction site). Add tags which can detail highlights or show additional pictures, 360 panoramas, or videos to really inform and grab their attention.
Floorplans Any space we scan can have a 99% accurate floorplan, homes, businesses, buildings under construction, and any other indoor space.
Marketing Materials After scanning a space we can extract high definition pictures and 360 degree panoramas for use in your marketing campaigns. Need more or different pictures / panoramas, no problem, we go back to the original scan and extract what you need.
Google Street View Use us for 360 degree panoramas and sphericals that we can upload to Google Street View to bring in the customers who are searching for what you have to offer.
Export Scan to 3D CAD Document construction sites and export our scans to a colorized point cloud file which can be imported into Autodesk ReCap®, Revit®, or other compatible software systems so you can view and manipulate the space anyway you need.

Take a look at the following Matterport space for a renovation project, this space documents the contractor’s “punch list”. For an “automated tour” of the space click on the PLAY button.


  Interacting with the Space on the Left

  PLAY button for automated tour

  The ‘Dollhouse’ view is really unbelievable!

  Click anywhere to move around

  Click/hold/drag to look up/down/left/right

  Hover over a bull’s eye for more info

  View different floors from a pulldown

  VR Goggles Ready

  View the space Full Screen

  Go directly to different rooms



Check out the two images below, they are taken straight from a Matterport scan. All images from a Matterport scan are 18MP (5664 x 3186) and are High Dynamic Range (HDR) due to how the Matterport Cloud processes scans.