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Public and Personal Safety – U R Virtually There

Public and Personal Safety for Our Schools, Churches, Public, and Private Buildings

GIVE FIRST RESPONDERS AN ADVANTAGE Give First Responders an advantage in emergency situations by allowing them to see an immersive 3 dimensional walk through space of your building(s), with emergency routes, egress points, and important facts highlighted. Add floorplans and high resolution images of closets to complete the picture first responders can use to assist in any situation and increase everyone's safety.

MAINTAIN SECURITY AND INCREASE INTERNAL TRAINING You maintain the access list of who can view this sensitive information. First Responders can have a login to the system as well as faculty and selected staff. Train your people better by reinforcing building layout and emergency egress points through our VR tours. New employees can be trained first in the VR walkthrough before walking them through buildings. New emplayees will learn and retain the important information better and faster.


Because your building(s) are unique we want to make sure we meet your needs. Once we receive your contact form we will contact you to work out the details of what you need, over the phone or (we prefer) in person.
No packages, we give you what you need and charge an hourly rate.
Once we understand your needs and can estimate our time to perform you will get an official bid in your e-mail.
Once you have replied to the bid accepting the cost and terms and conditions we will set up a date/time to perform what was agreed.
We strive to have your deliverable(s) ready the following business day, occasionally it will not be ready until the second business day. We also include extra time to ensure all key areas are properly documented within the VR.
You will receive an e-mail when your deliverable(s)are ready.
Your invoice(s) will arrive via e-mail based on what we've discussed and what you've approved.

Currently we offer NO OPTIONS for this service:
No Options
We offer no options in the Public and Personal Safety market because we agree to all your needs and include everything in our bid. No options needed.

It takes time to scan each room and hallway, for the scans to be at their best we don't want any people in the scan. This can be difficult is some locations, but we will work with you and scan whatever time is best for the project. Some buildings may take several days to scan every nook and cranny, but we will adjust our schedule to ensure your end product is what you need.
We expect to be notified as soon as possible if there is a change in a date/time to scan/photograph your location, anytime the day before is appreciated, but at least one hour before is required.
If we are not able to keep an appointment we will notify you as soon as we can and if possible reschedule to whenever is convenient for you.
Payment for services is due upon receipt of the bill, we accept cash, PayPal, Credit Card, and checks. If paying by check it can be mailed, or we will pick it up at the time and location we agree to.

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