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Construction – U R Virtually There

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC)

Anytime during the construction process you can use our scanning technology. Our deliverables give you an as-built look at your project. With accuracy within 1% you can import into most 3D CAD systems to compare with your original plans. Our virtual tour will allow anyone with an internet connection to view your site, just give them the URL or include it on your website. Tags within the tour can document all parts of your project, check out this example.

CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTATION Our 3 dimensional scans can be completed in less than a day. Once completed you have the equivalent of thousands of pictures, but in an immersive walkthrough virtual tour. Additional deliverables can include a colorized Point Cloud (accurate to within 1%) that can be imported into Revit or other 3D CAD systems. A 3D Mesh OBJ file (for use in Maya, 3D Studio Max, or Meshlab). You can also get a reflected ceiling plan image showing ventilation shafts, wiring, plumbing, insulation, and more. A high resolution 2 dimensional floorplan with room sizes (accurate to within 1%) is also available.

SAVE TIME, MONEY, and TRAVEL With all this information available at your fingertips you don't need to make multiple trips to the site to make measurements, you've already got every measurement you need from the Point Cloud. Perform inspections from your office without going on-site. If scans are taken at several times during construction you have all the data necessary to compare points in time and completion status. Save enormous time in documenting the project since most of your documentation is taken care of with our scans and deliverables.

3 Dimensional Walk-Through of your space
Floorplan of your space
One Up-Close High Resolution images per 1,000 square feet scanned (we work with you on what you need)
You will receive an e-mail bid on the site based on $0.10 per square foot (minimum $125), location of property (travel costs outside Fayette County) and any options you've selected.
Once we receive your approval of the bid we will set up a date/time with you to perform the scan and photograph the site.
We arrive at the site at the appointed time and walk through the site making it sure it is "photo ready".
We turn on lights and open/close doors as needed.
A 2,000 sq ft site will take between 60 and 90 minutes to scan and photograph (multi-story sites a little longer).
We scan and photograph the areas of the site we've agreed to.
A minimum of one 360 panorama will be taken in the front of the site, if there is a 'back' or 'sides' to the site 360 panoramas will be taken.
We return the site to how we found it, lights and doors, and ensure all exterior doors are closed and locked (if applicable).
We strive to have your Virtual Tour, images, and other deliverables ready the following business day, occasionally they will not be ready for up to the three business days.
You will receive an e-mail when everything is ready with the link to the Virtual Tour, 360 panoramas, images, and any other deliverables.
You have unlimited use of the floorplan (if purchased) and any pictures or files we generate, the Virtual Tour remains the property of U R Virtually There and can be used in our marketing.
The Virtual Tour will remain available on the Internet for a period of six months, or less if we are informed it is no longer needed. A $25 fee is assessed for each three month extension after six months.
Your invoice will arrive via e-mail the day after you have access to your Virtual Tour and photos.

Currently we offer four options for AEC
AEC Core Package ($100)
This package gives you everything you need for your 3D CAD programs; (1) Colorized Point Cloud, (2) High Resolution Floorplan Image (JPG and PDF), (3) Reflected Ceiling Plan Image (JPG and PDF), and (4) 3D Mesh (OBJ) file. Use the Colorized Point Cloud in AutoCAD, ReCap, or Revit and jump-start your as-built design.

Floorplan ($25)
The floorplan is 99% accurate within the areas of the property we scan. The floorplan will show different floors and be delivered in PDF so you can send and print it as often as you like. The floorplan may, or my not, include closets (size dependent).

Additional High Resolution Close-Ups ($10/image)
Our standard package includes one high resolution close-up shot per 1,000 square feet scanned, if you require more close-up shots (wiring closets, ductwork, plumbing, etc.) then we can work with you on the number of shots to meet your requirements.

Extensions on Your Virtual Tour ($25/3 months)
Occasionally your project will not be completed in six months after we scan, if this happens we charge a $25 fee for three additional months of hosting your Virtual Tour. Your pictures and floorplan (if purchased) are yours to keep at no additional charge. If you require a longer term solution because you are handing the virtual tours off to the owner contact us for other options.

We expect to receive e-mail permission from the owner or Prime Contractor to enter the site, or to have a representative present during the scanning and photograph.y
We expect the site to be safe for non-construction personnel to perform their scanning and photographic duties, if not we will contact you to reschedule or agree upon additional charges.
We expect the site to be empty of people, if that is not possible we will work with you to minimize any disruption which would increase our time on site and possible impact the quality of our services and your deliverables.
We expect to be notified as soon as possible if there is a change in a date/time to scan/photograph a property, anytime the day before is appreciated, but at least one hour before is required.
If we are not able to keep an appointment we will notify you as soon as we can and if possible reschedule to whenever is convenient for you or the owner.
Payment for services is due upon receipt of the bill, we accept PayPal, Credit Card, and checks. If paying by check it can be mailed, or we will pick it up at the time and location we agree to.

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