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Construction – U R Virtually There

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC)

Anytime during the construction process you can use our scanning technology. Our deliverables give you an as-built look at your project. With accuracy within 1% you can import into most 3D CAD systems to compare with your original plans. Our virtual tour will allow anyone with an internet connection to view your site, just give them the URL or include it on your website. Tags within the tour can document all parts of your project, check out this example.

CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTATION Our 3 dimensional scans can be completed in less than a day. Once completed you have the equivalent of thousands of pictures, but in an immersive walkthrough virtual tour. Additional deliverables can include a colorized Point Cloud (accurate to within 1%) that can be imported into Revit or other 3D CAD systems. A 3D Mesh OBJ file (for use in Maya, 3D Studio Max, or Meshlab). You can also get a reflected ceiling plan image showing ventilation shafts, wiring, plumbing, insulation, and more. A high resolution 2 dimensional floorplan with room sizes (accurate to within 1%) is also available.

SAVE TIME, MONEY, and TRAVEL With all this information available at your fingertips you don’t need to make multiple trips to the site to make measurements, you’ve already got every measurement you need from the Point Cloud. Perform inspections from your office without going on-site. If scans are taken at several times during construction you have all the data necessary to compare points in time and completion status. Save enormous time in documenting the project since most of your documentation is taken care of with our scans and deliverables.

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